• Prochamber

    Wiki Meeting

    December 3, 2013 by Prochamber

    Hello Wiki Users,
    I'm going to hold a discussion to resolve some issues and gauge everyone's opinions on different parts of the Wiki. Just answer what you can, I won't take up too much of your time. Anyone is welcome, include users who are not signed in, just reply to this post. We'll also talk on Wiki Chat at 1:00 Sunday Adelaide Time (time is up for discussion) but Wiki Chat is only available to signed in users.

    1. Is there a better name for the Spring Barrier? What do you think?
    2. How is the list of Needed Pages? Is it the best way to manage the load?
    3. Anything you want to change about the current puzzle format or puzzle infoboxes?
    4. Is everyone happy with the management of the wiki by the current admins?
    5. How can we make it easier for our readers to …

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  • Prochamber

    New Theme

    May 2, 2013 by Prochamber

    Hello everyone, As you can see we have an interesting new theme to replace the old Wikia "Carbon" theme. There's some interesting colours, new icons and a background. Feedback would be great, just reply to this post with what you like/dislike about the theme and I'd be happy to make any changes.

    Thanks, Prochamber

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  • Prochamber


    March 16, 2013 by Prochamber

    Our wiki has reached the final stages of its growth, we now have on almost every puzzle and the big list of all the signs showing all the great wisdom Antichamber provides. The Wiki has reach maturity stage and is a useful resource for all the Antichamber gamers out there. We are now 2nd only to Wikipedia on the google resuls (don't worry I used an anonymous filter to prevent google-bias).

    On of my favorite pages, a project I setup is the new List of Signs. Thanks to everyone who contributed to that especially:

    • User:Californ1a for all the saying and wisdom he added
    • User:DENIS Biomech for adding a picture to each puzzle
    • User:Parsnipjr for the earlier puzzle pictures added

    Another great page is the new Category:Puzzles page that now has a great t…

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  • Californ1a

    I'll try to add random facts and information about the game here, and it can later be put on a real wiki page. At the moment, I have no idea as to where to put some of this stuff, but most of it is useful information.

    1. For Windows 7, the game save is located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Antichamber\Binaries\Win32\SavedGame.bin" -- Keep this in mind if you want to backup your save game, but you also need to start over for whatever reason. (I need this for taking photos and videos, as well as for doing speedruns)
    2. In some areas of the map, you can see colored lighting effects coming through the walls from other areas. This is most likely unintended, but not a glitch.
    3. If you set the game's resolution to your desktop's resoluti…
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  • Prochamber

    Puzzle Progress

    February 21, 2013 by Prochamber

    Thanks to a whole heap of video from User:Californ1a the Wiki has done a great deal of expansion recently. Sure, new pages are devoid of information and only contain a video but it's a great start and it's what our readers (or now watchers) need: A quick video showing how the puzzle works, different paths, signs and how to solve it.

    Not all of these page have been by User:Californ1a there have been a lot of new and interesting pages added by other users as well, there's an interesting project starting up to document all the signs in Antichamber at List of Signs.

    We are fast nearing the first big milestone of 50 article page and expanding!

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  • Prochamber

    Welcome to the Wiki

    February 9, 2013 by Prochamber

    This marks the first post of the Antichamber Wiki. A Wiki launched to document all the nooks and cranies of the puzzling game Antichamber.

    Antichamber is a brand new game, and yet an aged game at the same time. It was a huge four year work by its developer, Alexander Bruce. In the duration of the game's development, it was sent through many indie game festivals and won a plenty of awards, as displayed on the game's official website. I was fortunate to play a few levels a year and a half before the release date. I like out-of-the-box games and was very excited about the release. However, the website it was consistently put it off and at many times I was left wondering if the game would EVER be released but on the 31st of January it was final…

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