Antichamber Wiki

Two blue Cubes blocking a Laser Beam in The Ground Floor

Cubes are small blocks of manipulatable matter that can be collected, moved and placed by any Matter Gun.

Cubes come in four colours: blue, green, yellow and red. The colour usually corresponds to the type of matter gun required to solve the puzzle that they are in. Although any colour cube can be picked up by any Matter Gun, the cubes will be converted to match the colour of the matter gun once collected.

The player is approximately three cubes wide and five cubes high.

Regenerating Cubes[]

Regenerating Cubes are a special type of cubes that recreate themselves in the same places if collected by a Matter Gun or otherwise removed. While these cubes cannot be created or destroyed, they can be moved by a Yellow Matter Gun and will overwrite other regenerative cubes occupying the same space while regenerating. If these cubes are moved into a red disintegrator field, they are destroyed and do not regenerate.

Disintegrator Fields[]

Any cubes stored in a Matter Gun will be destroyed upon entering a disintegrator field. Cubes can be moved into yellow Disintegrator Fields by using a yellow matter gun and can be placed and collected from outside the field. This technique is required in several puzzles such as I Only Need One. Cubes cannot be moved, placed or taken from a red disintegrator field.

Behavior and tricks[]

Cube Farming[]

Cubes can be arranged in such a way they form the perimeter of a 2D or 3D shape. This allows the player to create additional Cubes from what they have. See Cube Farming for additional details.

Cutting in half[]

When a connected Cube structure loses a cube from a middle of it, the smaller half of it will disappear. If the amount of Cubes on either side of the structure is the same, all such sides will disappear. See Fuse for additional details.

Overwriting of Regenerating Cubes[]

When a Regenerating Cube has not yet appeared and another Cube is moved into its space, the Regenerating Cube will overwrite any Cube that is occupying its space upon reappearing. This can be used to get rid of other Regenerating Cubes by moving them into the same space.

Moving Cube structures[]

When moving a connected Cube structure, the longest portion of the structure is moved from first. Knowing how the structure is going to react can help in puzzles such as The Highest Point.