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A disintegrator field is a area of yellow or red colour filled with orange orbs. Disintegrator fields are harmless to the player but any Cubes stored in a Matter Gun will be destroyed upon entering a disintegrator field. These are often used to add difficulty to puzzles. The most difficult are when the two types are combined, and will destroy cubes no matter what unless these two conditions are met:

  • The fields depth value is 1.
  • Frames have been skipped when you are close and you walk forward towards them.

There are two types of Disintegrator Fields and they are identified by the colours red and yellow.

Yellow Fields[]

Yellow Disintegrator Field

A Yellow Disintegrator Fields in The Ground Floor

These occur early in the game. Yellow Disintegrator Fields destroy all cubes in a Matter Gun but cubes can still be collected from and placed within the field from outside. Existing cubes can also be moved into the field with a yellow Matter Gun, thus allowing you to move cubes through the field. 

Red Fields[]

Red Disintegrator Field

A Red Disintegrator Field in Impossible Paths

These usually occur later on in the game. Unlike Yellow Disintegrator Fields, cubes cannot be collected or placed from outside the a Red Disintegrator Field, and by itself it does not empty the player's Gun (although in most occasions the Red Field is coupled with the Yellow Field). If the player attempts to place cubes, they will be explode on contact with the edge of the field. The beam of the Matter Gun will be blocked by the edge of a Red Disintegrator Fields, stopping the collection of cubes from inside the field. Sometimes they look purple, but this is often because that the Red Disintergrator Field is coupled with a Yellow Disintergrator Field.