Antichamber Wiki

Doors in the Antichamber labyrinth are separators between rooms that are often used by puzzles to block the players movement until certain conditions have been met.

Puzzle Doors[]

Green Puzzle Door

A partially activated green puzzle door in Deja Vu.

Puzzle doors are large square contraptions of a fixed size. These doors open only vertically when activated by a signal from a Laser Beam or when Cubes are placed or removed from all the door's Cube Detectors. Door take a small amount of time to open and close and make a distinctive clicking sound when activated or deactivated.

Puzzle doors are often use in puzzles to prevent the player from progressing until the correct conditions are met.

Puzzle Door Colours[]

Puzzle Doors come four colours: blue, green, red and black. The ring in the center of the door denotes the door's color.


Blue Doors are generally opened by removing cubes from their respective cube slot.


Green Doors are generally opened by covering the lasers connected to them and can be triggered either by the player or by blocks. They usually involve placing blocks in wall slits.


Red doors are usually opened direct by walking through a nearby laser and are activated by the player and not by blocks.



Black Doors, such as the one in Three Paths In Sight open when they are not being directly observed.

Automatic Doors[]

Automatic Door

An Automatic Door leading to the Main Hub in There's No Way In.


Automatic Squared Door in Climbing The Tower.

Automatic doors are a rare type of door that is found in the Main Hub, in Climbing The Tower and in The Escape. There are two types of doors: one is rectangle shaped and upright, resembling the shape of the player and usually have a large 'X' across them; and the second one is squared with two arrows inscribed, indicating which way the door opens. They have no conditions to open them and open automatically as soon as the player is close enough.

The Black Ghost[]

The Black Ghost is able to open all doors itself just by moving next to them regardless of their type or the mechanisms required to open them.