Antichamber Wiki

Here is where all Glitches in the current version of the game will be documented. If it is unknown whether the glitch is confirmed or not, please test it yourself and provide images/video of the glitch taking place.

If a glitch is marked with "✔" it means the glitch is confirmed by at least two people to happen. If a glitch is marked with "✘" it means that the glitch is unconfirmed by multiple people, but that it has happened to one person. If you yourself find a glitch, please add it here, and mark it with an "✘" for others to try to confirm.


Glitch/Bug Confirmation
When on a jump-pad, if you are pushed up into a cube that you previously placed, you clip down through the jump-pad.
Sometimes, lasers for doors and cube slots will break/disappear and make it impossible to complete the puzzles. Restarting the game fixes this in most cases.

In The escape, the first door of the mechanism used to pass the blocks through does close when you pass to the next area, but does not open back if you come back in front of it. It might be inconvenient and makes it so that you can clip through. Backtracking ang advancing to the door opens it again.


Glitch/Bug Confirmation
In Four Different Exits, you can dupe the yellow cube by moving it with the yellow gun and hitting ESC while the cube is moving. The new yellow cubes that appear cannot be manipulated, although they do have a hitbox, and you can jump on them.
In many puzzles including Pulling Both Ways and The Highest Point, sometimes just moving the cubes will make them disappear and not regenerate.
In any of the floors of Climbing the Tower if you pick up a normal cube and the light blue cube (with Green gun or more) at the same time, the game will teleport you but won't destroy the room around you.

Low FPS[]

Glitch/Bug Confirmation
You can clip through moving yellow cubes if you have low FPS.
With low FPS (and sometimes with normal fps), you can place green cubes behind glass as if the glass doesn't exist.


Glitch/Bug Confirmation
Occasionally, when growing more cubes, if the square used to grow more is next to a perpendicular wall, a cube can clip into a space of the wall next to it.
You can clip into rooms you are not normally supposed to access by placing a block on one side of a portal, going through a portal, then going back through it in the area where the cubes were placed. (i.e. the Gallery or The Tower) This is more of an advanced and technical glitch, please refer to this video: <TBA>, (Californ1a will add this once he records it)

Individual Puzzle[]

Glitch/Bug Confirmation
The second sign in Many Paths To Nowhere has a chance of not showing up (uncommon). This makes it impossible to complete the area by going back where you came from because reading the second sign is the trigger to make the new area appear. Restarting the game will fix this bug.
It is possible to remove the bottom cube from the wall in front of The End door by strafing forward/backward on the stairs and holding right mouse (requires green gun or higher). This is neither a bug or a glitch though; it is more of an exploit.
It is possible to throw a cube up (Right Mouse) toward Leap Of Faith from A Jump Too Far and Into Darkness and have it appear at Leap Of Faith if you hit esc quickly while the cube is still flying upwards. (The speedrunning community wants to make sure this doesn't get fixed though)
In The Butterfly Effect, placing a cube on top of the elevator, not placing any in front of the crate, and using the yellow gun's drag ability on the cube will cause both the elevator and the crate to disappear.
Sometimes, the floor in Don't Look Down can change or disappear early.


Glitch/Bug Confirmation

Sometimes, creating a 3x3 square will not generate the center cube on the first try. Unknown what causes this.

Surrounding the player unit with a wireframe of green (or above) cubes, causing the game to attempt to 'fill in' the block, around the player, causes the game to force quit because the UDK Engine tries to call the 'action on death' and this is not programmed in to Antichamber.

If you have the green gun or higher with a cube, you can click and hold right mouse, then left mouse buttons and can carry an individual cube through a disintegrator field of any size. To release the cube, let go of the right button without releasing left mouse and the cube will be placed. Cubes can be placed inside disintegrator fields using this method.