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Jump-pad in Stairway To Heaven

Jump-pads are a common Antichamber mechanism. They can only move vertically. Initially, jump pads stay at the ground level. The Character can push the jump-pad downward by falling to it. When no more falls are detected, the jump-pad will accelerate upwards and return to the original position. Jump-pads allow the player to reach underground area or the area above the ground.

Reaching underground area[]

The character can jump on the jump-pads repeatedly to propel the jump-pads downward so as to access new underground areas. For instance, in Stairway To Heaven, the character can access the Butterfly Effect by pushing the jump-pads downward.

Cubes can be placed to prevent the jump-pads from going upward.

Reaching area above the ground[]


The Jump-pad in The Chase can be used to propel the Character to the higher ground.

When the character jumps right after the jump-pad has risen the ground, the character will get propelled to a higher area. The character can reach even higher area by falling to the jump-pad again and repeat the process, as the jump-pad will return to the ground at a higher speed.


There is currently a glitch where you can clip down through a Jump-pad.