Antichamber Wiki

This is just a project to keep track of the pages on the the puzzles we have and what's been done on them. Just something to gauge our process.

Puzzle Name Information Stage Pictures Walkthrough Video
Basic Descriptive Complete
Being An Entrepreneur
A Book And Its Cover
Breaking The Arc
The Butterfly Effect
The Chase
Climbing The Tower
Closing The Gap
Connecting The Pieces
Cry Me A River
Déjà Vu
Don't Look Down
Down The Rabbit Hole
The End
The Escape
Failing Forward
The Final Hurdle
Finding The Seams
Four Different Exits
A Game Of Leap Frog
The Ground Floor
Hidden Behind Glass
Hidden Secrets
The Highest Point
Hitting A Wall
I Can Do Anything
I Like To Move It
I Only Need One
Impossible Paths
Into Darkness
A Jump Too Far
Jumping Through Hoops
Just A Little Bit Shy
Laying The Foundation
Leap Of Faith
Learning To Draw
Lighting The Fuse
Link In A Chain Reaction
A Link To The Past
Logic 101
A Loop That Won't Close
Managing Resources
Many Different Angles
Many Paths To Nowhere
The Missing Pieces
Now You See It
Not Enough Pieces
One Long Corridor
Over The Edge
Pulling Both Ways
Red Cross
Running Into Trouble
Rings Within Darkness
Skinning A Cat
Stairway To Heaven
Stop And Go
Strength In Numbers
Stuck In A Rut
Taking Baby Steps
There's No Way In
Three Paths In Sight
Too Many Lasers
A Wall Without Stairs
Window Of Opportunity