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Information about puzzle is written in a format decided by the users on this wiki. This article will explain how a puzzle should be formatted.

The page begins with an infobox containing information about the individual puzzle.

{{infobox puzzle
| title=Puzzle Name (same as page)
| image=Preview image from the main hub' (using File:)
| preceding=Links to any puzzles that lead directly to this puzzle
| following=Links to any puzzles that lead directly from this puzzle
| events=Firsts or interesting events in this puzzle
| gun=Earliest Matter Gun required to complete this puzzle
| type=Link to puzzle category}}

The infobox is followed by a brief description of the initial appearance and the problem faced by the player in the puzzle. Do not reveal the solution or any hints to the solution in this text, however discussing the information in previously declared in the infobox is okay.

Next comes a screenshot of the puzzle's starting screen. The image should be an in-game screenshot with a good view of the puzzle, having any Matter Gun in the screenshot is okay. This following format should be used for the image.
[[File:imported_name.ext|left|400px|Puzzle Name]]
The image must have the size 400px and be left oriented. This size ensure the largest possible size without breaking the appearance on low resolution screens. The 'thumb' option should be removed if it exists after inserting the image. The file name can be anything and the page name must match the page title. Next break with:
<br clear="both">

Next comes a general hint to the solution of the puzzle. This hint should be just a push in the right direction for a viewer who might be stumped without giving the entire solution away. The hint is hidden with a wiki template. The following format should be used for the hint template.
{{Hidden|header=Hint|body=Text portraying the hint.}}

A solution to the puzzle is given in the same way as the hint. The format to the hidden solution should look like this:
{{Hidden|header=Solution|body=Text portraying the solution.}}
See Template:Hidden for further details.

Last should come the video walkthrough. If the still pic portraying the video gives any glimpse to hints or solutions, the video should be in the hidden template.