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Riot Balls are a group of spherical balls orbiting a fixed point that react to the movement of the player. They have three states; blue, green and red. Riot balls start in the blue state with the balls close together and space themselves further from the orbit point and turn to red as movement increases.

State One: Blue[]

Riot Balls - Blue

Blue is the initial state of Riot Balls. In this state, the balls are coloured in a mixture of dark and light blue and are very close together so that individual balls are indistinguishable. Any movement by the player within a large distance of the Riot Balls will disturb this state.

State Two: Green[]

Riot Balls - Green

Riot Balls enter the green state when the player moves a small amount, slowly (with shift held) or is far from the Riot Balls. In this state the particle are coloured light green and yellow and spaced enough that individual particles are distinguishable.

State Three: Red[]

Riot Balls - Red

Riot Balls enter the red state when the player moves quickly and continuously whilst near to the Riot Balls. In this state the balls are coloured red and orange, are spaced far apart and move around frantically. While these balls are harmless to the player, they will destroy Cubes and some walls or bridges.