Antichamber Wiki

Soundscapes in the Antichamber[]

The Antichamber includes some vivid soundscapes that play several roles. Some soundscapes exist for the sake of navigation, The Character knows they're near a certain room because of a particular sound that they hear in various places that are all near the same place. Others exist to disambiguate one area from another, others add a layer of vividness to the environment, and others exist to motivate The Character to keep going.

The Clock[]


The Source of the Ticking Clock sound effect

One of the first sounds The Character will hear is a ticking clock when they reach Three Paths In Sight. The source is the first visible face in The Gallery, a pendulum that reveals the letters "L-I-F-E". It can be heard from various adjacent rooms throughout the Antichamber. It exists to give a sense of direction and is one of the most promanent soundscapes in The Antichamber.

Game Mechanic Soundscapes[]

The Disintegrator Field[]

When The Character enters a disintegrator field, the surrounding soundscapes suddenly end and an effect is created of a stuffy silence

Drawing in Cubes[]

A sustained pitch whirring noise plays while drawing in cubes using the green or above gun

Placing Cubes[]

When placing cubes, a short sound effect plays with a similar whirring sound to drawing in cubes but clearly a different sound.

Directing Cubes[]

A repeated inching sound plays as the cube moves along the path directed by the yellow gun's ability.