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The Black Ghost is a mysterious entity that dwells in the Antichamber, and is the only other character besides the player character.

It serves as the main antagonist of Antichamber. Throughout the game, it wonders through the world and trolls the player as it appears close to each of the matter guns and then at the end runs away from the player.

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The Black Ghost is a large, black worm-like entity whose body is of several trailing cubes. It hovers a few feet off the ground, swimming lazily through the air while emitting a shadowy aura. Its body reflects no light, making it appear as a blocky silhouette. When the player is nearby, a haunting sound effect akin to chanting can be heard, although at the moment the chanting has not been transcribed.


The Black Ghost can be observed through force fields at the start of many puzzles, swimming far away from the player and out of sight. The Black Ghost is capable of opening all Doors that come into its way regardless of their type or the mechanisms normally required to open them.


It is largely thought that this ghost represents the world that the character lives in, and when, in the end, the character sucks up the ghost into the Black Gun which then turns into the Dark Gun, the character is "escaping" from the world they once lived in (hence the title of the puzzle, The Escape). The blank white world in the end is thought to represent the destruction of the entire world, or a portal to another world. There is a Steam Forum Thread discussing the possible meanings of the ghost, and the world you enter after sucking up the ghost.