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The Character is the player character and protagonist in Antichamber.


The Character has no identity beyond the player controlling them - by themself, the Character is faceless, nameless, voiceless, sexless, and has no backstory or motivation beyond attempting to escape the Antichamber. This was a deliberate move on the developers' part, to allow the player to focus on the puzzles themselves.

There is no Third Person command and it is known that the Character has no model. However, using cubes as a measurement, The Character is approximately three cubes wide and five cubes high. It's implied at the very least that The Character is at least humanoid in shape, considering the shape of the Matter Gun's handle and the humans featured in all the Signs.

While the Character is completely mute throughout the entirety of the game, it is no doubt a certainty that they can read and comprehend language, as the signs contain writing to provide hints for them in solving the puzzles. Considering how most of the signs portray vague yet relatable concepts that many players would find to be relatable, it would stand to reason that the Character is something of an 'average Joe' with a moderate amount of life experience.

The Character also seems to possess a considerable amount of physical endurance, as they are able to run consistently for an indefinite amount of time.


While the Character is never displayed as having any sort of defining traits, it can be assumed that they're relatively intelligent and determined in solving the puzzles of the Antichamber and reaching the end.


  • The character non-model can be detected at The Highest Point. Looking through the black room at Climbing The Tower #7 on the opposite wall and holding the Cube Collection button (left mouse button), the yellow line from the gun, the gun itself and the player can be seen without their respective models.